Is it possible to increase the amount of visitors by using Bing-ads?

Have you thought about increasing the brand visibility or visits by advertising on Bing? Now it’s a good moment to start if you haven’t done so before.  Windows 8.1. devices such as tablets, phones and laptops are all enhanced with the Bing Search.

At Compare Group we have experienced with Yahoo and Bing advertising for some years already, but only lately started optimizing the campaigns on a larger scale. There have been also some useful improvements to the performance of the Bing Ads Editor and Bing support is very helpful when questions arise.

The volume of Bing traffic can’t be compared to that of the Adwords traffic, but I firmly believe in the possibilities of increasing the volume. For  the share of Bing traffic in all paid traffic was 7% in the first 4 months of 2013 and during the same period in 2014 it was 9%! We can expect that share to grow even further.


Importing campaigns

We have tried importing campaigns both manually and with the Bing Ads Editor. Manual import requires a lot more work and I would not recommend it unless the Editor import option does not work. Of course you can also choose to create all campaigns from scratch, but the Editor import saves a lot of time. You can choose to import all the campaigns or only some selected ones. All keywords, text ads, bids, sitelink extensions, campaign budgets, bids, destination URL’s, location targeting, negative keywords and sites will be imported unless you deselect some options.

Copying the ready Adwords campaigns:

1. Use the Bing Ads Editor import wizard to import.
2. Import selected campaigns or adgroups (be careful with importing changes to the existing URL’s in the existing campaigns).
3. Change the url tracking.
4. Once imported, select the import screen and delete possible Google tracking from the new keywords and text ads.


5. Select all imported adgroups and change the language (multiple language option is not supported).
6. Select all imported campaigns, add negative sites and select country settings and location settings.
7. Check all textads. In Bing textads, there is only one line for the ad text.

Adding negative sites (syndicated search network)

In the EU-countries is not possible yet to opt-out from the syndicated search-partners network. The only way to avoid advertising on sites that are not your target audience is to add those sites as negatives.

2. Go to reports -> Performance  and select Website URL (publisher) report. Data will only appear once the campaign is live.
3. Look for URL’s that do not seem to match your target audience.
4. List those URL’s and add that list to all new campaigns. Select campaigns, click on excluded websites and copy paste the list of URL’s there.


Editing targeting options

It is possible to attract somewhat fewer converting clicks with the wrong targeting options. If there is no target country selected, you will automatically target the whole world. You can avoid that with the following:
1. Click on targeting and select the location.
2. Remember also to to select between showing the ads to people searching for information about your location, or only to people in your targeted location. I have noticed the latter option option to be much safer.

Editing broad non-converting keywords

Broad keyword match is not the same in Bing Ads as in Adwords. The match can be very broad, so almost anything can be triggered. It is possible to save some of the ad spent by pausing or deleting some of the broad keywords. Broad match modified helps to define the target somewhat closer. Try also adding negative keywords.


All in all, yes, it is possible to get more visits with Bing Ads. Bing offers many possibilities. Do not hesitate to copy the Adwords campaigns to Bing. The Bing Ads Editor is very similar to that of Adwords so actually you can save time by not having to learn about the functions. Once you have added the right URL’s, negative sites and proper targeting options, the campaigns could bring nice results even in a very short period of time. And if you want to widen the Bing Ads knowledge further, try becoming a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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